Letter of Drinks


Corona beer

Red Bull Energy

Alto del Carmen

Imported drinks

Imported Vodka Kosako

Chivas Black Label

Double Cup

Special Cup

Luxury Cup

Stilo 10 Cup

Pisco Capel Bottle

Bottle Rum and Alto del Carmen

Bottle of whisky - Ron Havana

Chivas bottle label Black Jack

wine bottle

hampagne Bottle


A hodgepodge of distillates as well as a drink or energy to your choice

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Imported drinks

Wide variety of imported drinks, unsurpassed quality..

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Bottle of whisky

We handle the best brands of whisky, with the best price and quality on the market

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Chilean wines and imported fine for palates..

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Champagne Bottle

For celebrations or just enjoy a bottle of sparkling delicious.

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Beers and Drinks

To accompany a distillate or just enjoy show especaular in Stilo10

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Cups Stilo10

You'll be amazed with the drink of the house, and more company, you'll return to Stilo10 always..

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Glasses of luxury

One of the most requested cups in Stilo10, you'll be amazed..

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